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Client Expectations

Working With Dropshipping Direct

Ultimately our team of professionals manage everything for you. We assist you on getting your store set up through a proven step by step process that we work together on. In total it should be less than 1 hour of your time.

Once the store is set up we manage all of the product sourcing, selling, buying, shipping, returns, and anything else that may come up. You just collect the money from Amazon, pay any expenses incurred from those proceeds and pay yourself the profits.

Why Choose Us ?

Proven Systems

Our systems for building your profitable Amazon dropshipping company have been proven time and time again. We pride ourselves on being 100% transparent with you 100% of the time. We also put our money where our mouth is by aligning our compensation with how much money we make your store. This makes our goal 100% aligned with your of building a stable and growing ecommerce business that produces maximum profits.


You will have access to your stores reports 24/7 to see how your business is doing. Every sale, every return, every purchase. You have 100% access to everything happening.

aligned goals

Once your store is set up everyone working on it is paid off performance. The more money they make your store, the more money they make and the more money YOU make.


Our founder Dan built the profitable systems he uses on every store Dropshipping Direct now manages on himself, his friends, and his family first.


Our results speak for themselves. Please review some of the stories and testimonials below to see for yourself. We strive to consistently exceed your expectations.

Take A Look At Just A couple Of Our Stores From January 2022

Carla J - $12,763.14 Profit

January 2022

Ashley E - $12,343.71 Profit

January 2022

Here Is A Great Note From Carla J Right After Her 12K Month...

Hi Dan,

First of all, this has been an incredible, WILD, rollercoaster of a journey with my Amazon store. After all the hurdles with set up and bumps in the road, I now can finally look back and say it was ALL truly worth it. I’ll admit, I was terrified of the unknown (like most people would be when investing so much money). My store was off to a much slower start but Dan, you have been such a great support system and literally talked me off the ledge several times. Thank God for that, because the greatest thing I’ve done was keep my faith in you and the process and man, has it paid off! Now, my store is like a real life rocket ship and it is taking off like a speed of lightning! It’s one thing to hope for it, but to see these kind of numbers in real life is just truly a blessing. This January, my store’s NET profit was over 12k in just a month! I can honestly see this store doubling that in the near future at this pace.

Dan, you have become so much more than a business partner to me, you are my friend that has turned into family. You are helping make me and my family’s dreams come true. I truly appreciate your hard work in making my store successful and more importantly, not giving up on my store no matter the situation or hurdle. The way you fight for my store, I am forever grateful for you and your company. That is the kind of business partner I want by my side for life! Thank you for “always” taking my calls no matter what time of the day and being my peace whenever issues arise. That goes such a long way! You always see the light at the end of the tunnel and have always delivered for me. I’m getting us a matching pair of sun glasses because the future of my Amazon store looks like a really bright one!!!🙏🏽 We will need them!!! Hahaha!!!!! Thank you so much Dan and let’s continue to shoot this store to the moon!!! 🚀🚀🚀🚀💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 Ahhhh sooo excited!!!!!!!! Thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!



What Is Dropshipping?

How Dropshipping Direct Works

Find Products

Find products to add to your online store and import them

Sell Items

Your customers purchase items from your online store

Process Orders

Order are sent directly to suppliers

Delivery Items

Your buyers receive the items directly from the suppliers

Earn Profits

The profits from retail prices are yours to keep

Founder Dan Cohen Interviews New Client Jesse and The Results Are Amazing!!!

Jesse is a new client that came over with an existing store and his story shows what can be possible when working with Dan's team.


What Our Clients Say

Our current clients are our greatest resource as their stories can show you what to expect in the real world after you get your first Amazon store started with Dropshipping Direct. Take some time to learn about how great this opportunity truly is and hear the experiences of our current clients.

Ben R

He opened his store in September. First month he had $0 in sales. Second month he also did $0 in sales. November, month 3, he did $7,254 profit at 46% ROI December the store made $13,372 in profit at 57% ROI January his store is $16,423 profit at 53% ROI!

Ben's January 2022 Results!

Brian R

Brian has been successful in the e-commerce space for many years now. He has sold his own white label products on amazon and has had success. When he learned about my business model he decided to stop selling his own products and switch over to fully drop ship model. His store was aged so his results came quickly. His first month we hit 12k in profit at 20% ROI and his second month which was January we did $21,500 profit at 20% ROI! Safe to say he is no longer doing FBA/white label and sticking with our drop-shipping model!

Brian's January 2022 Results!

Leadership Team

Dan Cohen - CEO and Founding Partner

Dan Cohen was born and raised in Connecticut where he also received his bachelor’s degree in business management. Dan has been involved in the amazon/e-commerce space for over 10 years now. Through this experience Dan has learned the value of building the best of the best teams. Dan is a constant student of the game and is consistently surrounding himself with people that can compliment his vast skillset and knowledge. At the end of the day though he knows that customer success is the #1 key to growing Dropshipping Direct and current clients love how he is always willing to go above and beyond to make sure every client of his gets the best experience possible!

Jeremy Larsen - Strategic Consultant

Jeremy Larsen is a highly accomplished and dynamic businessman whose success spans multiple industries and decades. Raised by a single mom, Jeremy’s humble beginnings in small-town Iowa instilled in him a work ethic and moral compass that would become the foundation of everything he would achieve – and achieve he has.

In 2009, Jeremy was introduced to the direct sales industry. With no background or training, Jeremy shattered company records and achieved the organization’s highest possible rank, International Marketing Director. It was in this company that Jeremy also met his wife, Courtney. In 2013, they started their Amazon selling business, which Jeremy has grown to extraordinary levels. He currently serves as CEO of their company, which is a top 5% Amazon business and top 1% in the Amazon jewelry category. Jeremy’s ability to scale fast and his impressive knowledge of the Amazon landscape are invaluable assets to anyone fortunate enough to partner with him.

Most impressive though, is Jeremy’s commitment and dedication to Courtney and his children, Knox and Ava. Jeremy puts his family first every day and is intentional about taking on opportunities that allow him to be a father and a husband first. Together with his strong ethics and communication expertise, Jeremy boasts a highly evolved e-commerce business skill set that lends itself to exponential growth and success in this industry.

Prace Ronak - Partner, VP of Amazon Store Success Team

Prace has been in the e-commerce/dropshipping space for the last 5 years. He excels at creating systems and building out operations teams. Prace partnered with Dan a year ago to build Dropshipping Direct! Prace prides himself on hard and ethical work. He is extremely motivated, driven, and does everything to support his family and make them proud!

Vinny Tornatore - Onboarding and Store Owner Support

Vinny was born and raised in Connecticut with Dan Cohen. He received his bachelors degree at Eastern Ct State University. Vinny then went on to play professional lacrosse in England for a few years. He then went on to open his own food truck which was very successful! Due to covid he had to shut it down and thats when he joined forces to work with Dan to make sure every clients needs are met and get the best support possible!

Dan McCabe - New Partner Manager

Dan McCabe has been in the direct selling and training space for 13 years. Along with that he developed a love of tech and systems. Combining these two passions Dan has developed the systems Dropshipping Direct uses today for getting interested store owners all of the information they need to make sure opening a dropshipping store with Dropshipping Direct is the right opportunity them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the investment?

We are very upfront that the investment is substantial and that you must also have the credit. Pricing varies and is subject to change so this something we can discuss more in depth on the discovery call where you can get all of your questions answered and make sure this is 100% the right fit for you.

How much credit will I need?

We recommend being able to start with atleast $20,000 of open credit to get started.

How soon will I earn my money back?

Amazon stores are all unique in how quickly they get to a point we can start scaling sales. This also depends on you and your situation. This is something we go over more in depth during our initial phone consult where we flush out everything to make sure this is a proper fit for you.

What happens if my store gets suspended?

The reality is that as we are growing your store we will most likely get suspended for a period of time to go through an audit period. We have a very high success rate of getting through this period in a timely manner. Our company does cover all suspensions and if it comes down to it will open a new store for you at our cost.

Do I need an LLC?

YES, you will need an LLC or some form of US business entity to open your store. This is a business, it is your business and this is required. We have staff that can help you get one created relatively easily if this is something you need help with.

Can I sell my own products?

The short answer is no. Our systems are for listing, selling, handling returns are designed with the current suppliers we use.



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